Quadro Concealed Slide Series (for Small Or Light Drawers)

Short Description:

Concealedsoft close slide, quick installation. Designed specifically for small drawers.

Suitable for drawers with a side profile thickness up to 16mm

Integrated Silent system,tool-free quick installation ,

Dynamic load capacity :15kg,18kg, 25kg

Galvanize steel

Pass EN15338 TUV report level 2

Optional :Full extension , single extension

Optional : Soft -closing , self-closing

Optional: with catch type , with pin type

Product Detail

Product Tags


● Soft close concealed full extension drawer, prefect height and stability at side can guarantee excellent running condition of the slides, wide range of applications, for each set of furniture cabinets, there is suitable solution

● Dynamic load capacity: 25kg

● Tool-free quick installation

● 6-way adjustment: ±3mm up and down, ±1.5mm left and right, front panel tilt adjustment

● Soft-closing function makes the drawer close safely without effect of weight

● Drawer Length: 250-600mm

● Industrial packing& retail packing all available

● Raw material is galvanized steel for slide, and with 4 balls construction

● Has inner drawer, front panel of aluminum user defines.

● Board thickness is 16mm

● The height is 66mm for metal box, can be interchangeable with similar product

● Drawer slide have lower drawer medium drawer, high drawer

● Round rails

● Multiple colors for customers choose

● Double wall drawer , lower inner drawer, the inner drawer with front panel of aluminum part, the aluminum size is user defines, for the panel without handle, concealed slide with built -in push open open function

● Industry packing and retail packing depends on customer

Application Details

The HQ series slide is special designed for small or light drawers, Heavy duty with heavy slide, but light or small drawers , With our HQ series slide, It will be more Comfortable to open and close, It runs smooth and quite.

HQ series is an economical concealed slide, special for small or light drawers, such as bathroom cabinets, living room cabinets and wardrobes.

Slide on installation ,with Catch, Rotation the blue wheel to adjust up or down of front panel

With pin, Rotation the pin to adjust up or down of ront panel

Parameter Table

1 2 3 4 5
Item No. HQ3F1 HQ3K6 HQ2F1 HQ2F2 HQ2K1
Soft-closing Concealed Full Extension Light-duty Slide Concealed Full Extension Light-duty Clip Slide Soft-closing Concealed Partial Extension Light-duty Slide Soft-closing Concealed Partial Extension Light-duty Slide Concealed Partial Extension Light-duty Clip Slide
Nominal length 250~600 250~600 250~500 250~500 250~500
Dynamic load capacity 15KG 18KG 25KG 25KG 25KG
With soft close function With drawer lock function With soft close function With soft close function With drawer lock function
Locking device Locking device Locking device Adjustable screw Locking device

Introduction of SACA

Guangdong SACA Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd , it has three manufacturing bases in China, they are located in Guangdong Shunde, Qingyuan and Jiangsu Taizhou. In order to provide customers with all kinds of hardware integrated supporting services in Europe, SACA has built up both manufacturing and R&D bases also. In June 2015, SACA became the first listed company in the furniture hardware industry in China. SACA specializes in manufacturing slides, hinges and other hardware for various industries, such as furniture, electrical equipments, financial equipments, automobile industry, IT and etc. SACA always believe that strength creates honor, refining casts quality. Creating value for customers is the eternal promise from SACA. Every staff will make improvement step by step unswervingly, by the unremitting efforts, SACA is becoming the global high quality home hardware products creator!

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