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The HK flip-up system has a double buffer function. When the door panel is opened to an angle of 60°±15° or more, it can hover at any position, easily open and close gently, allowing easy access to high objects. It can be quickly disassembled without tools.

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● Stops at any angle once the door opens at 60°±15°

● Door plate at 40°±15° automatically

● Door height:250-650mm

● Cabinet width:≤1200mm

● Cabinet minimum depth:200mm

● Tool-free assembly

● Open and close gently, with double buffering function

● Panel position can be adjusted in three dimensions

● When the support torque range of two models overlaps, select the model with the larger support torque


● Cover caps can be light gray and dark gray or others.

● have an integrated positioning template, eliminating the need for measuring and pre-drilling

● can be used with wooden doors and with wide or narrow aluminum frames.

● Thickness of cabinet roof can support 16-26mm

● The buffer speed can be adjusted.

● 1 set packed in one inner box, 10 sets in one outer box

● Customer can design the logo on the cover caps, inner box and outer box.

● Smooth movement and soft closing


● On time delivery,normally 45-60days

● Shipped to customers from Europe, America, Middle East, Australia, Southeast Asian and other countries.

● We have rigorous testing procedures which are carried out from the development stage through production.

● Respond customer in time

● Sample can be freely provide

● Features such as a safety mechanism and opening angle stop have been integrated into the lift mechanism, which make assembly and installation easy.

Application Details

Item No.  Door height (mm) Door weight (kg) Power factor
HK1000 250-450 2~5 500-1350
HK2000 300-650 2.8~7 1100-2250
HK3000 350-650 4.5~10 2000-4050
Power factor = Door height (mm) * Door weight (kg)

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