N3F1Z Face frame soft-closing full extension undermount slide

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● Face frame,soft-closing, Concealed, full extension, quiet movement

● Dynamic load capacity: 35kg

● Material: galvanized steel

● Material thickness: 1.0x1.5x1.8mm

● Tool-free quick installation

● Quiet system guarantees the slides run smoothly without noise

● Soft-closing function make the drawer close safely without effect of weight

● Satisfy different test request

● Locking device can release the drawer easily

● Mounting jig is available

● Length: 305mm\381mm\457mm\533mm\610mm

● Simple front locking device and 4 way \6 way front locking device available

● Have 2 way(up/down) adjustment on slide

● Design with SACA owned patent

● Interchange with most popular model in market

● Friendly to carpenters

● Widely using in bathroom, kitchen and living room

● Special for US Face-frame cabinet

● High-level galvanized steel

● Environmental grease

● Flexible packing design

● Complete quality control process and automatic machine guarantee the product with stable quality to customer

● Sample available

● Quick response to customer

● On time delivery

● 16mm and 19mm board thickness available

Application Details

Suitable for face frame cabinets,kitchen furniture and interior furniture etc, humanized design makes the slides more suitable for your needs!

The soft-closing slide with US design to ensure the drawer close soft, smooth and steady sliding performance!

Synchronized function.

Soft-close feature automatically engages the drawer and brings it to a swift, soft and quiet close.

N3F1Z/N3F1Y Unique designed locking device,adjust the drawer and vertical height ±2mm by adjusting block,more convenient and easier to install and disassemble.

What’s new!

With the addition of he 4-way clip you get up and down and side -to side adjustment

New 6-way clip offers an additional in and out adjustment for inset application

We also offer the new 4-way and 6-way adjustable clip with steel base for heavy duty application

Our release clips have a new unmatched design that allows for unbeatable adjustment

These new undermount release clips are sold separately giving you the ability to mix and match your order to ensure you have the proper adjustment options for your project

Clips sold separately

Height Adjustable

Front panel tilt Adjustable

N3F2Z/N3F2Y Unique design of lock pin screw installation, the drawer can be adjusted by

adjustable screw to the vertical height of the drawer +/- 4 mm, convenient for installation and disassembling.

Lock pin

Height adjustable

N3F1Z Soft-closing concealed full Extension slide (16mm Thickness )

N3F1Y Soft-closing concealed full Extension slide (19mm Thickness )

N3F2Z Soft-closing concealed full Extension slide (16mm Thickness )

N3F2Z Soft-closing concealed full Extension slide (16mm Thickness )

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